Lenses Offered

Lenses Offered

We recognize that our customers require individualized solutions for their eyecare needs, and as such we offer specific lens designs as follows:

SINGLE VISION (with or without Anti-fatigue feature) – have a single lens power customized to provide the clearest, most comfortable vision at the user’s computer screen. Persons with shortsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism will also benefit from single vision lenses.

BIFOCALS – have two distinct optical powers (for distance and near vision) and are generally prescribed for persons 40 years old and over.

TRIFOCALS – are an enhancement to bifocals with three distinct optical powers; the third power for intermediate vision.

PROGRESSIVES – are multifocal lenses with the added aesthetic benefit of no visible lines which enables the wearer to see clearly at any distance.

Added Features

BLUE FILTER coating on lenses effectively filter out the “bad” blue light emitted from digital devices but allows the good light which is necessary for the sleep cycle to be filtered in.

ANTI-REFLECTIVE COATING improves sight by reducing the amount of glare that reflects off lenses.

TRANSITIONS lenses is a brand of photochromic lenses which darken when exposed to light sources containing ultraviolet (UV) rays. These lenses return to their original state in the absence of UV exposure. Transitions are available in three types: the Signature line, Xtractive, and Vantage.

XPERIO lenses are polarized sunglasses which reduce glare from reflective surfaces (for example water, roadways, and snow) providing a much sharper image; they differ from ordinary sunglasses (non-polarized) which only reduces the amount of light to your eyes.

POLYCARBONATE AND HI-INDEX lenses are for higher prescriptions compressing them to become lighter and thinner, and provide enhanced safety benefits as they are more impact-resistant then regular plastic lenses.